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Découvrez comment des équipes comme la vôtre utilisent Willo pour sélectionner et embaucher des candidats de manière rentable et en beaucoup moins de temps.

How EDF Fills 400+ Roles Per Recruiting Season

Learn how EDF halved their Recruiter admin time from using Willo.

“We have a complex recruitment team with both in-house and outsourced team members,” said Hollie. “We needed a platform that was easy to use and would integrate with our systems.”

How Watermark recruits 24/7 with Willo

Learn how Watermark has utilised Willo to achieve always on, 24/7 hiring.

“Willo is rolled out for all positions now. Initially the focus was on frontline staff. But I've seen a lot of our properties out there using it for sales directors, dining service directors, and other roles.” said David.

How MyTutor Increased Recruiting Capacity And Reduced Overheads

Learn how MyTutor increased their recruiting capacity by 75% using Willo

“Willo was really easy to use, it matched our tone of voice, and was super flexible. The API documentation was also super accessible with all the features we needed.” said Olivia.


How Florence Streamlined Identity Verification For 1,400 Candidates Per Month with Willo

Learn how Florence streamlined their candidate identity verification using Willo.

“Willo stood out to us because their product was simple, it was effective, and the API looked good,” said Mikey.

Why WillowTree Switched To Willo From A Bigger Competitor To Help Screen 17,000+ Candidates Per Year

Learn how WillowTree made the switch to Willo to help screen over 17,000 potential candidates a year.

“With Willo, I don’t have to worry; I know it’s good to go,” said Kayce. “I just put it in motion and it takes care of everything.”

Comment Willo a permis à Packaly de faire le travail de 4 recruteurs à temps plein

Learn how Packaly utilised Willo to help do the workload of 4 full-time recruiters allowing them to triple their on the ground workforce.

"We wanted to make interviewing as user-friendly as possible for candidates. Willo’s integrations and open API made that a lot easier.” - Justin Plagis

How Async Video Interviews Helped Endava Hire 60 Interns in 1 Month

Learn how Endava utilised Willo's Async Video Interviewing platform to hire 60 candidates and save over 100 hours of recruiter's time.

“We needed a platform that would help us assess hundreds of candidates while giving them a good experience.” - Nuria Tambasco

How InHealth saved over 1,000 hours of recruiters' time using Willo

Learn how InHealth saved over 1,000 hours of recruiters' time using Willo during their expansion into the Philippines.

“Willo is an integral part of our process, we would be lost without it now” - Matthew Smith

How airBaltic screened over 100 high-potential candidates a week with Willo

Discover how airBaltic screened over 100 high-potential candidates a week with Willo async video interviewing software. Saving over 45 minutes per candidate screened.

“We rate Willo as a good platform to use so they don’t have to spend extra time in interviews with candidates who don’t fit our requirements for the role,” - Sabine Saliete-Rudzite

How Lunio’s HR team saved over $50,000 using Willo to hire SDRs

Discover how Lunio’s HR team saved over $50,000 using Willo async hiring software to hire SDRs.

“I genuinely could not have grown the team as quickly and successfully as I have without using Willo,” - Caitlin Ingham

How Tunstall Screened over 700 Candidates In 6 months with Willo

Discover how Tunstall streamlined their hiring process and improved the quality of potential candidates by leveraging Willo's async interview technology.

“Without Willo, we would not have been able to assess anywhere near the number of candidates we have, which therefore means the quality wouldn't have been at the same level,” - Mark Gibbons